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But you won't be the lucky person who gets to talk to every morning, and you won't get to say goodnight?!?If you ever find yourself lucky enough to know a Megan, then tell her everyday how beautiful, genuine and amazing she is.My husband used to send me flowers, the classic route, which is almost guaranteed to thrill any girl.

Whether you spoke to her yesterday or 3 years ago you still think about her everyday!

However, Mr Clarke, who is on a trade mission in Colombia, told The Telegraph: “It's important that we stop Putin.

I think we’ve all realised that we’ve all been rather naive about him.

Sergi was a very smart boyfriend and this was the perfect gift to not only endear me, but the entire family to himself.

He earned double points from me too, since I loved the gesture, but having my family admire him made me like him even more.

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  1. Inside their neatly organized home, mainstream DVDs are racked near a flat-screen TV and remnants of supper cool in a pot on the stove. Bill, in his mid-thirties, muscular and handsome, wears jeans and a pullover; Sky's in plaid pajama pants and a tank top. This is what it's like to be married to a porn star.