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It is estimated that about 85% – 90% of the people in Beijing are using Wechat or Weixin.One of the big parts of its success of it is that We Chat allows users to communicate in small, private circles of friends, as well as send text messages and voice messages for free.Only to anywhere.” An investigation by The Sunday Times showed that taxi touts are back to muscle in on the tourist dollar, following unprecedented visitor arrivals to Singapore. By Ng Kai Ling & Maria Almenoar, Straits Times TAXI passengers headed for Johor Baru are happy that they will soon be able to hail any of 200 authorised cabs anywhere in Singapore for that ride across the border.Similarly, a taxi rider in JB will be able to hop into any of 200 licensed Malaysian cabs for the journey back to Singapore.The welcome message of the party’s new account, opened August 11, promises to "help [readers] understand party members from a new point of view." The collection of articles pushed out to followers has thus far been decidedly eclectic: on August 22, the top article was a snoozer taken straight out of party moutpiece People’s Daily about the propaganda czar’s edict to "deepening the understanding of Deng Xiaoping Theory and solidify our strong spiritual force to realize the Chinese Dream." But on August 25, one of the chosen articles waxed poetic about how one should "not to lead life as if it were a cup of instant coffee" and exhorted readers, "If at some point, you want to sit in the sun and listen to the sound of flowers blossoming, go ahead and do it." Meanwhile, the sign-off for new members –"Dear, please come visit me often" — sounds like the type of Internet slang a teenage girl might use to address her friends.The strange combination of propaganda and historical anecdote with web lingo and self-help tips marks another step in the party’s attempt to jostle for a place in China’s clamorous social media.Pursuing prostitution may simply be the best way to rein in the most successful social media giants.

Dated July 24, the document "urges the vast number of party member to subscribe to the official public accounts called ‘Communist Party Members’ on We Chat and Yixin," two of China’s most popular mobile messaging apps with hundreds of millions of users between them.HONG KONG — It’s a growth story that would make many Silicon Valley venture capitalists swoon: a once-tiny, secretive group of 13 members blooming into a network of around 86 million, plus a killer app that no other competitor can replicate — near absolute political domination.The organization in question is the Chinese Communist Party, one that has recently decided to take its members, and messages, into the age of the social Internet.While with the help of Google translation, you may know the general meaning of the Chinese.There are two main approaches to find girls near your location.

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