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One chronicler attacked men's clothes "cutted on the buttok" which "inflame women with lecherous desires"; another complained that English women "dress in clothes that are so tight ...they [have to wear] a fox tail hanging down inside of their skirts to hide their arses." All of this had brought the Almighty's wrath crashing down on us.

Men and women began to dress in a way that emphasized masculine and feminine physical characteristics, and it was a still recent enough change at the time of the Black Death in 1348 that many observers blamed the disease on these new tight-fitting outfits. But what I don’t like is the systematic way your company has silenced female employees with non-disclosure agreements, further injured victims of sexual harassment by removing them from their jobs and, in many cases, completely derailed their careers. And even though I’m a single mother and have no trust fund, I am confident I can continue to make enough money to take care of my children in this world without the help of Fox News.I was REALLY nervous, but holy shit, it was the best thing ever. We are going full-blown into the world of online dating, or so I’m told. She has great taste in people (married a wonderful guy) and also used to date women for a brief period — she gets it. I don’t look 43 — though I think 43 is a beautiful age. I guess I get shy on dates and don’t really know what to talk about since I’m honestly way behind the times on pop culture and “normal” banter topics. I am having such a good time with Shana that I literally forget to meet Peter. That’s when I look at my phone and realize I completely stood him up. I’ve also had sex with about ten men in my life and enjoyed that every time. Right now, though, the only hookup I can think about is between me and the guest bed. It’s Saturday, my sister doesn’t have to work, and I’m free as a bird! Not sure if it sounds braggy because of the doctor thing, but she assures me people have to flaunt what they’ve got on these things. Because I don’t want kids, I’m not worried about men ruling me out for my age.

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