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I have already reached out to some of the other students in the section, and I will get the notes and make sure I am caught up. You know what they say: setting priorities is key, so excuse me while I go watch another season of Grey's. It's become a college student's downfall, influencing us to give attention to things we don't have the time, energy or desire for.

My apologies again, thank you for your consideration, and see you [INSERT DAY HERE]. Before this term was coined, we seemed to have a little more control over our priorities.

Z., I'm really sorry I was not able to make it to section today. I've learned that procrastination is deadly; I just haven't learned how to avoid it.

[INSERT YOUR EXCUSE HERE - DO NOT SAY YOUR GRANDMA DIED]. Maybe looking at all my roomie's perfect Insta pics (sans me) from last Saturday will give me some motivation to start studying now.

We don't presume that any set of guidelines can assure that you will be an 'inspired,' 'creative,' or even a 'good' teacher.

Effective teaching as a craft is a creative endeavor and is largely a function of judgment and skill of the individual.

Even in an age when the feminists apparently control everything, it seems that the practice of older (usually male) scholars sleeping with much younger (usually female) graduate students is alive and …

This Handbook for Computer Science TAs is intended to ease some of the initial anxieties and to provide some direction and support for filling the role of a TA.This is not just icky—it is highly damaging to the profession.For despite the handful of happy families that result from professor/grad student couplings, the practice has an overwhelmingly deleterious effect on the academic community. With only four weeks left to the semester, I say go for it. I know more than a handful of students who would have gladly given up their virtue for a grade boost. A.s are again driven, underfed creatures (and a valuable part of our academic structure), they are not going to risk their job or that precious recommendation letter for a quick hump. Take the e-mail as an opportunity, and do with it what you want. That’s a pretty wide and varied segment of the population to make any sort of general sort of judgment on. If on the other hand, you were hoping to reap some academic benefits from this experience– let go of the dream. Dear TATC, Bwog Boy seems to have gotten it about right. And the established method of communication means you and your T. never have to acknowledge one another in class if you don’t want to!

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(Just count the times this author uses the word “hero.”) Thus, the master/protégé dynamic cements power differentials that are simply too pronounced to create a healthy relationship, Not to mention the fact that grad-student/faculty relationships literally ruin careers: When a student and faculty member start sleeping together, rarely is it a well-kept secret; often, the student becomes a departmental pariah.

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