Updating oracle views

Changes applied to the data in a relevant underlying table are reflected in the data shown in subsequent invocations of the view.

In some No SQL databases, views are the only way to query data.

By using these operations, you can perform simple SQL INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, and DELETE statements qualified by a WHERE clause on the target table (or view).

Oracle materialized views allow sub-second response times by pre-computing aggregate information, and Oracle dynamically rewrites SQL queries to reference existing Oracle materialized views.You can use a view in most places where a table can be used.All operations performed on a view will affect data in the base table and so are subject to the integrity constraints and triggers of the base table.The data dictionary views ALL_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS, DBA_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS, and USER_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS indicate which view columns are updatable.An updatable view lets you insert, update, and delete rows in the view and propagate the changes to the target master table.

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