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Wozniak single-handedly developed the 1976 Apple I, which was the computer that launched Apple.He primarily designed the 1977 Apple II, known as one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputers, Steve Wozniak was born in San Jose, California, the son of Margaret Elaine (Kern) and Jacob Francis "Jerry" Wozniak. His father was from Tshervona Dibrova, Bukovyna, Ukraine (Bukovyna, Ukraine was under the control of Poland) "Wo Z" (short for "Wheels of Zeus") is also the name of a company Wozniak founded.Its aim was to “discuss measures against the common enemy - the Turks”. The Polish king Jagiello was there as well as the German Emperor Sigizmund, the great prince of Moscovia Vasily II, the Dutch king, the Prussian gross master and the Byzantine ambassador.At the end of the 15th century, Lutsk was considered one of the best towns in the area, but, in the mid 16th century, the town started to decline.Contact Russian Women for free, see who is interested and do not pay anything if she is not interested.

We don't have thousands of profiles of Ukrainian women, because we are more interested in quality and real women, every woman who is in the gallery of the ladies is currently interested in finding the right man.As we never sell addresses, our ladies are not burdened with hundreds of letters from "bulk mailings".All the services that we provide to the ladies are free of charge for them; Real Women - we are a local agency and all the women in the Mordinson agency are from Kharkov, we do not have any on-line forms which lady can fill out to become a member, only after a personal interview at our office in Kharkov a girl can become a member of the agency.In 1795, when Poland was divided for the third time, Volyn lands were included into the Russian Empire. The church is one of the most valuable monuments of the city. The cathedral was built in the 18th century as a Bernardine monastery church in the new part of the town (the center of the city today). It was erected in place of a palace of the 16th century. There are 5 rooms in traditional style with exclusive design, a restaurant (classic interior, European and Ukrainian cuisine).During the War of 1812, the town hosted the staff of the Russian army commanded by the legendary general Bagration. The famous Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka spent her childhood in this town. Built on the bank of the Styr River, this house-studio is decorated with lots of stone sculptures of different styles, giving the impression of full eclecticism. It is a residential building located near the pedestrian Lesya Ukrainka street, where the Russian Tsar Peter I stayed during his visit to the town in 1709. It is among the most important Catholic shrines in Volyn. The nearby bell tower remained from the 16th century. The church was probably founded by grandchildren of the Kiev Prince Vladimir the Great in the 13th century. Originally, the church had rococo architectural elements, however, after the end of the Bernardine Order and the transfer of the building to Orthodox church, it was completely rebuilt in the style of the late Baroque. In 1846, the monastery was closed, it was turned into a prison and, later, into a music school. The complex is located in a green area of Lutsk, in the central part of the city. The park area with pavilions, lawns and flower beds. The hotel is located in the center (reconstructed in 2003). Additional services: booking tickets, transfer, taxi call, tours. Phones: 38 0332 788 100, 38 0332 788 106 (room reservation). The hotel is located close to the banks of the Styr River, next to the park with greenery, the center and the “old” city.

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Merchants used to come there from other countries, some of them moved there to live; so there were districts inhabited by Germans, Poles and others.

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