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A staple of Bioware games and cherished piss-taking opportunity for headline writers across the industry, there was never any doubt that banging ‘romance’ would be back in Mass Effect: Andromeda.Here's everything we know about what romance is like in the new game, and whom is susceptible to it.“By my count, if you include squad, crew, and light romances, we have more romances than we've ever had before," says creative director Mac Walters. Note that just because you can flirt with someone doesn't necessarily mean they'll reciprocate, so we'll focus only on confirmed romances here.

You'll usually find Cora tending plants in the Tempest's bio lab or in Director Tann's office on the Nexus.

All of the characters you can date are available for a different type of relationship depending on their personality and your interactions.

Occasionally, characters will have different sex scenes depending on whether your relationship with them is casual or serious as well.

Progress the relationship far enough, and you’ll be treated to an interstellar booty call just before the start of the suicide mission.

If your relationship is on track to get physical, be sure to check with Mordin. If your love connection isn't maxed out on someone when you start the suicide mission, you'll mope alone in your quarters, staring wistfully at a picture of your lover from the first game. Lucky for you, there are plenty of options for commanders on the rebound.

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Flirt with her after story missions, complete her loyalty mission, and you should get a chance to meet up with her on Eos, where the relationship will progress.

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